Inspired by the honeysuckle thicket growing over the fence in my own backyard in Jersey City, Thicket is a companion series of oil paintings that depict a tangled mass of branches and leaves, growing and changing with the seasons. The Thicket paintings portray a microcosm of a community—living organisms supporting one another and coexisting in harmony. In the warmth of summer, the thicket is a lush, green overgrowth full of mystery and depth. In winter the thicket becomes an abundance of dead leaves and dried branches, growing through the darkness, never alone and always facing the sun. The Thicket series is a testament to the reproductive power of nature and the enduring cycle of life.

"The Healing Garden is accompanied by Thicket, a series of paintings that records the shape-shifting honeysuckle and its neighbors in her Jersey City backyard through seasonal abundance and retrenchment. Instead of a family, it is Green’s portrait of an ecological community, of its stubborn, glorious survival, her point of view more panoramic, tiered and arced, the ground, as usual, a monochrome to remind us that whatever else it is, it is indeed a painting and not a pipe, a pipe dream or a shrinking violet."   - Lilly Wei, Art Critic and Independent Curator, excerpt from the essay Fanfare for the Common Plant